Inland vessel blocks canal from/to Antwerp…

On the Albertkanaal downstream from the Herentals-Lier railway bridge, a barge loaded with fertilizer collided with a barge at around 6.30 am and the ship sank. It lies across the canal so that there is a complete block.

The ship 'Dandia' was built in 1963 and is 60 meters long. It is loaded with fertilizer. The barge was empty. In the collision both vessels were hooked together and the push barge forced the other ship under water. Only the wheelhouse and the deck still protrude above water. The ship is transverse to the canal, so no shipping is possible.

It is still unclear what is the cause of the accident. According to Liliane Stinissen of De Vlaamse Waterweg, the damage to the ship would be limited and the cargo, which stuck in bins in the hold, would also be intact. The water company Pidpa, which draws water from the canal, has been informed by the waterway manager because it was initially feared for possible contamination.

According to Stinissen, the canal remains completely blocked until at least 4 pm. Then it will be examined whether partial shipping is possible, this could possibly influence your supply chain.

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Source: Flows