Supply Chain

Lean supply chain management should be considered by businesses that want to streamline their processes. By eliminating waste and non-value added activities, we can help you improve your company’s competitiveness and overall profitability.

Optimizing your Supply Chain

All companies have a number of areas where waste can be identified. This can either be waste through time, costs or inventory.

Van Donge & de Roo understands the importance on delivering on our promises. Through constant monitoring of internal and external workflows we improve our principles of management and prevention. That way, we ensure reliable supply chain control.

Supply chains can be simple or complex, but all contain similar elements and are managed in a fairly similar way. We have decades of experience in organizing logistics and transport chains for our clients. Therefore, we are perfectly suited to optimize yours.

D&R offers various concepts for the management of supply chains, either partly or as a whole. Contact us for more information.