Declining capacity and rising fuel prices…

Most road carriers in the Benelux are planning to increase their transport prices in 2019, between 1 to 5%. This due to the capacity shortage on the market.

CapGemini consulting together with Transporeon conducted a survey among more than 1,000 European road hauliers to find out what they think about the developments on the market and how they see the future.

The biggest concern is the current shortage of drivers and their availability. 59% of the companies surveyed said that this had a major impact on their current and future activities. This is followed by fuel prices, at 47%.

The majority of European carriers expect the prices for their services to increase in 2019, the Benelux carriers are more optimistic: 16% plans to increase prices by more than 5% compared to 9% in Europe.

Source: Flows / Nieuwsblad Transport