Don’t let your logistic flow dry up, try the train…

The last weeks we experienced a historic low of 31 cm which was measured at the Kaub Gauge (water level). This means that barges can no longer navigate the Middle Rhine ("Loreley") without danger. Thus for reasons of safety barge activities on the Upper and Middle Rhine have been largely discontinued

On the Lower Rhine there is still slightly more water in the navigation channel; however there too, levels are expected to fall further. Today the Duisburg-Ruhrort Gauge shows 166 cm. We expect that the situation Neuss will also become critical.

This according to the forecast of the electronic inland waterway information system ELWIS (“Elektronisches Wasserstrassen Informationssystem”)

We must also point out to you that at these gauge levels it is possible that additional cost for transport by barge may occur through delays in the delivery and collection of containers (demurrage/detention).

Our sister company Distrirail does offer dedicated “land bridge” solutions between Rotterdam and Duisburg/ Mannheim/Wörth, with our daily train connections.

In order to find the transport possibility that is best suited for your requirements, please get in touch with your contact partner at – Miles ahead in shipping.