Carry on Boris, good old chap…

This morning we were on the public television too give our opinion about the fact that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, the more popular term is called “Brexit”.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, as we are still wondering how it can be interesting to have 1 singular economy against the 27 remaining members in the European Union, but let’s watch and see?

Due to the uncertainty we have seen several volumes shift from the ports in the United Kingdom in 2019, to both Antwerp and Rotterdam with further distribution within Europe.

As we are active in both European ports with forwarding and customs brokers activities, for now we are happy and we hope the people in the United Kingdom are too! – Miles ahead in shipping

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Goedemorgen Nederland – Brexit

Te gast: minister Stef Blok, diplomatiedeskundige Robert van de Roer en directeur van De Balie Yoeri Albrecht.