Raw Materials

Raw materials come in all shapes and sizes. They are transported to and from every major trade lane and are at the very center of most modern global supply chains. That’s why so many raw material companies choose D&R as their transport partner.

For decades D&R has successfully connected raw materials extraction sites with customer markets around the world.

We provide transport solution for, among others:

  • minerals,
  • oil & gas,
  • timber,
  • natural stone
  • recycle industries.

We offer fast transit times against competitive rates across all key trade lanes.

Door-to-door services for raw materials

Extraction or production sites are often located in remote, rural areas, often with primitive infrastructure. These areas offer few opportunities to optimize transportation.

Nevertheless, D&R is able to arrange door-to-door services from any origin and destination country on the globe. Our numerous connections and partners at ports and logistics centers across the globe allow the best possible interconnection of rail, road and shipping or barge routes. Even at times of highly fluctuating demand.

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