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Kwaliteit Gasmeting Nederland (KGN) was founded to check if the 8,6 million containers going via the the port of Rotterdam contain fumigants/pesticides and or production gasses in concentrations which are harmful to people when opening these boxes, if needed forced de-fumigation.

Our sites are equipped with 2 devices: Gasmet Technologies and Syft 200, which respectively can measure up to Particle Per Million (PPM) and Particle Per Billion (PPB). Through a risk evaluation and inventarisation (RIE) we can reduce the quantity and cost for your containers measured.

We can realize analysis within 5 minutes on the most common gasses requested by the local government, but if needed can also be expanded on request. This to safeguard your Container Freight Station (CFS) staff, who are responsible for discharging your containers and cargo.

When your cargo can be harmed or is sensitive to insects and rodents? KGN Fumigates your container with toxic gas or heat-treatment, to protect the local environment and native flora and fauna, at the destination port.

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