Price Belgian road transport rise by 6% in 2019…

In the national road transport, the cost price in Belgium will rise by about 6% next year. This is because the Transport and Logistics Belgium Institute has now calculated the congestion cost in its prognosis. The cost of transport to and from Germany also rises by 6%.

The Transport and Logistics Belgium (ITLB) Institute, which observes the market evolution, has just published its forecast for 2019. The expected increase in the cost price is much larger than in other years. "This is mainly because at the request of the carriers, we have integrated the cost of congestion for the first time. In doing so, we took into account a decrease in the average speed by 2 kilometres per hour to each destination, "says Bernadette Lenotte, responsible at the ITLB for the cost price indexes.

In national transport, the cost price will rise by just over 5.5% next year and by as much as 6.4% in general cargo. But ITLB also expects a sharp increase in international transport, with an average of 4.20%. That is the sum of cost price increases by + 4.42% on France, + 3.60% on Italy, + 3.83% on Spain and even + 6.08% on Germany. "The latter is mainly due to the sharp increase in the German mileage tax on 1 January 2019," she says.

"We have also taken into account the indexation of the kilometer charge in the Walloon region. The rates go up by 2.3% on January 1, 2019. On the other hand, this forecast does not take into account the indexation in July 2019 in Flanders and Brussels, because that percentage is not yet known today, " Lenotte adds.

Other factors that increase the cost price next year are:

– a wage indexation of 2.10% on 1 January 2019, and an indexation of the accommodation costs and the adjustment of the ARAB allowance.

– an average increase of 1.60% in tolls on the motorways in France (scheduled for 1 February), and in Italy and Spain; a supposed increase in the rates for the Frei-tunnel.

– an increase in purchase prices with the inflation rate as calculated by the Planning Bureau, namely 2.1%.

"What remains a question mark: the evolution of the fuel or diesel price. In the national transport we estimated it at + 2.78%. We calculate this on the basis of the average evolution of the last five years, "she says. That is why the ITLB also provides a prognosis for the cost price evolution without having to calculate the diesel price.

In that case, the increases are the following: national general + 4.89%, national general cargo + 5.93%, Germany + 6.07%, France + 3.70%, Italy + 3.40%, Spain +3, 61% and standard international transport + 3.94%.

"These are, of course, general estimates. Each carrier has its own characteristics that influence its specific cost price. But with these prognoses, he can substantiate his position during negotiations on the basis of objective figures, "Lenotte says.

Source: Flows