Customs Brokerage

D&R offers tailor-made solutions to all customs activities, geared for specific market segments and company sizes. We can help your organisation to process customs formalities both inside, as well as outside the European community. We can even organise the process at your premises.

100% neutral Customs Brokerage

Our Customs Department is a separate organisation within our group, which ensures a 100% neutral position of this in-house specialist. Furthermore, it also explains why the client portfolio of this department consist out of Exporters, Importers, Forwarders, Hauliers, Inland terminals and Shippinglines.

Our customs system is in direct connection with the European Customs, via electronic-data-exchange. With software like Sagitta in The Netherlands, we can send your declarations without the goods being presented to a customs office. If needed we can also arrange custom clearance in Belgium, (via currently Sadbel and future PLDA) and Germany (via Atlas).

Our highly qualified and experienced staff has thorough knowledge of European customs legislation and regulations. Our team is there for you and your customs procedures. Contact our Customs department!