Ocean Freight

Our team of ocean freight specialists will help you in finding the most efficient ocean freight solution, either via Full-Container-Loads (FCL) or via Less-than-Container-Loads (LCL).

Due to our large combined volumes and strategic partnerships with the leading ocean carriers and alliances, we are able to offer highly competitive pricing and superb services to all our customers. Our partnerships are continuously optimised by creating mutual objectives.

Our organisation will act as a valuable source of information, and you can see our organisation as an extension of your logistics department.

Ocean freight specialist

Global transportation implies a combination of transport modes, routings and vendors. We are able to make these combinations with the least possible dwelling times, while serving our client and in turn their clients as centralized information resource. In the end, this results in a reliable performance and proven reduction of lead times.

To ensure our clients receive the highest quality of service, we constantly monitor our performance via online solutions and electronic-data-exchange (EDI). This is done based on a set of pre-defined “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s). These are of course determined by the clients in accordance with the highest standard set by D&R themselves.

Full Container Loads (FCL)

Full Container Loads (FCL) are the backbone of our operation. The D&R Group handles hundreds of thousands of containers each year. Due to the different commodities handled and the requirements in which they need to be transported, our knowledge in the use of standard and specialised equipment exceeds that of the standard logistic provider.

D&R has decades of experiences in cooperating with leading multinationals. This expertise results in a very reliable performance and a proven reduction of leadtimes.

FCL at competitive costs

Our centralized freight procurement process negotiates all prices for our large combined volumes, enabling us to offer high quality services (transit times, space protection, reduced number of transhipments) against extremely competitive costs for all of our customers.

D&R is well respected in the industry with a reputation for providing customer-focused solutions, a quality-through-excellence approach and continuous innovation.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Our Less than Container Load (LCL) division offers weekly arrival/departures from and to all major ports in the world. Using our freight consolidation expertise and regular worldwide connections, we can provide you with reliable performance and lower supply chain costs.

Our packing processes not only protects your cargo, but also enable us to provide you with efficient deconsolidation services. This minimizes handling times and maximizes your options. In fact, the reason we starting this department is the fact that established consolidators take at least 2-3 days to unstuff containers. Our service provides the same lead time as when shipping via our FCL departments.

Fast and reliable shipment of LCL

Our comprehensive approach to LCL management ensures reliable, fast shipment of your goods worldwide, by either sea/air or a combination of both, depending on your needs and requirements.


When talking about break bulk, we mean the transport of goods which are oversized (out-of-gauge) and unsuitable for container loading. Next to this, also rolling materials such as cranes, trucks and other self moving (propelled) commodities can be transported throughout the world.

Van Donge & de Roo has years of experience in this specialized market segment. We guarantee our customer a flawless performance of the job at hand. The client decides the magnitude of the assignment for these exceptional cargoes.

Dedicated break bulk team

With project cargoes the time-frame is essential and determines the right means of transport, the way of planning and working within the regulations of the specific origin, destination or transit country.

Timing and management are crucial aspects in the break bulk segment. D&R has a dedicated project department available for these “special” shipments.  This has a great influence on getting the best possible price within the required lead-time of the project.

It is because of these highly versatile transport facilities that Van Donge & de Roo is brought in for the most divergent transports, showing that diversification and specialism go hand-in-hand.