The championship game for Feyenoord against Excelsior this Sunday will be played in the Van Donge & de Roo stadium. Excelsior changed the name on 1st of May to the sponsor’s company name.

Excelsior reports on their website that they have signed an agreement for the coming 10 years with the Rotterdam family owned company.

Excelsior’s commercial director Wouter Gudde : “We understand the sentiments that live under the name Woudestein, but if Excelsior wants to grow this partnership is an important part of it.”

“We had to decide between sentiment and ambition, we have chosen for the last one. Due to this additional income for the coming years we are ready to take the next step and make Excelsior grow to a stable factor in the Dutch premier league.”

“Our office was located in the area of Kralingen for 27 years, close to the stadium of Excelsior”, says Dennis de Roo, one of the 2 sons of the remaining founder of transport company Van Donge & de Roo. Nowadays they are located in area of Rhoon near Rotterdam, with a total of 340 staff.

Plans for the future
Excelsior is located since it’s founding in 1902 – with 2 short intervals – on the current location in Kralingen. The stadium was opened in 2000 with the name stadium Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen. In 2004 the name was changed to stadium Woudestein.

The accommodation gives seating to 4500 spectators and for now is the smallest stadium in the Dutch premier league. Excelsior has plans to increase the capacity of the stadium.

With just 2 games to go Excelsior is on the 13th spot, the lead on numbers 16, Sparta and 17, NEC is a total of 6 points, which means that Excelsior only on goals is not safe for degradation.

Sunday on 14.30 a.m. Excelsior is playing home against Feyenoord, for the championship game at Van Donge & de Roo stadium. When Feyenoord wins, it will be champion for the first time since 1999.