"World's first" with wash system for containers…

At present every container at www.dr-depots.com, both in Antwerp and in Rotterdam, are cleaned under high pressure. That happens with most of the depots. The company is originally a forwarding agent and often tries to unload containers from A to B in a unique way. They now want to apply this to the way in which containers are cleaned.

"Containers are now being cleaned manually: with one person and a high-pressure cleaner, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to clean a container, the consumption is about 140 to 160 liters of hot water. At the moment we are using a new prototype washing system. We are testing it at our Maasvlakte site in Rotterdam We also want to do this in Antwerp, because this is our biggest location with 180,000 square meters, but it is currently so busy that we can not start a pilot project there. "

We speak of a "world first" in which the inside of the container is automatically washed and with the same or even a higher quality. Washing is done in 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the length and thus the type of container. A first advantage is that the installation site occupies less space than the traditional one. 5 to 10 containers are placed next to each other, with a water gutter where the water is collected and recycled. In addition, the quality can be arranged with each washing. This means that the addition of soap and any other cleaning agents can be pre-determined per customer and per container. Water consumption is also lower as the initial test results give about 80 liters per 40ft container. The residual water that remains in the container, is considerably reduced with an extra spin without water, this compared to the traditional way.

"In time, we want to offer this container wash system to other customers as well, but a thorough testing period in which the capacity and maintenance of the machine is determined in our view is is essential." What we say, we want to fulfill, or as we say in Rotterdam: don't talk, just brush".

(Advertorial): “Wereldprimeur met wasstraat containers”